Jamie Louro

Born and raised in Encinitas, CA, Jamie Louro loves her town and cares for all the people in it.  She has been a licensed esthetician and make up artist for 8 years.

Her passion for skin came to her after her schooling in LA for make-up artistry.  She loved more then anything to make up faces but became aware that layers of stage make-up were damaging her classmates skin as well as her own.  After graduating from the masters program at Joe Blasco Make-up school she decided that skin-care was next on her list.

She brings her talents as a esthetician and advanced wax services to the treatment room.  Jamie connects with all of her clients though her healing touch and helps her clients understand the importance of living a healthy life style to fully extend the benefits of her treatments.  Jamie will bring your skin back to its optimal state.