My husband and I have been following Jamie around for the past few years. We are both crazy about her (we love Reyna too, but Jamie’s our regular girl) so we were excited when they officially joined forces and opened their very sweet little spa in Cardiff. We knew it had been a shared dream of theirs for years and they waited until they found their perfect spot. They have transformed Releaf Spa into a lovely, welcoming environment with ample parking and the view is, well, it’s the Pacific Ocean! Jamie and Reyna have created a nurturing and professional environment and done a great job building their business while always putting their clients first. One of the fun things they do is to put special packages together each month, there’s always some unique blend of services reflecting themes of the current season or holiday. When Jamie works her magic, she lavishes attention on you and remains completely focused on making sure you’re comfortable as she assesses your skin condition and gets to work. Afterwards, you’ll leave feeling completely rested, refreshed and beautiful. Karin B.

I have been a once a month client of Reyna’s for over 5 years, and I was so excited to hear the news about her and Jamie opening Releaf Spa!  The spa is a little old Hollywood glamour with a modern touch and a gorgeous ocean view.  Parking is plentiful.  When I get a facial from Reyna, it feels like more than just a facial…with soothing foot, arm and head massages. Her technique is amazing and I feel more relaxed and rejuvenated after one of her 1.5-hour facials than an actual whole body massage!   I love that she always evaluates the current condition of my skin and gives me personalized care to address any issues I may be experiencing.  My skin has never been as good as in the hands of Reyna! Amy C.

I am absolutely blown away by how terrific Reyna is and the efficacy of what she does. She’s been extremely helpful in keeping my skin looking good – and like anyone else, I don’t want to age in looks any faster than I have to!  I’m not the only one who thinks she’s effective: other people notice as well. Often when I walk into my office on Monday morning after I’ve been to a Saturday appointment with Reyna, my friend says, “Hmm, you look like you’ve been on vacation. I bet you went to see Reyna!” I think that Reyna’s skin treatments are part of the cause, yet my visits to ReLeaf offer more than that. I lead a hectic, high-energy life, and I’m really grateful for knowing that once a month I’m going to drift down to a much lower energy level and stay there for a little while. The time spent with Reyna is profoundly relaxing in a way that nothing else I do is. It revives me. It goes without saying that Reyna is highly skilled, and I also have a strong sense that she is a really good person. She sincerely has her clients’ best interests in mind, and that contributes to my trust in her. ReLeaf provides a haven away from a lot of the craziness that we live with every day. It’s an important part of my life. Kathy F.

Jamie Louro at ReLeaf spa  gave me one of the best facials and brow waxes Ive experienced.  ReLeaf spa’s calm and soothing atmosphere are unsurpassed.  The services and products are the industry’s best at reasonable pricing.  Releafs warm and friendly staff will make you feel like family right away.  You’ll leave refreshed and glowing!  I don’t trust my face and brows to anyone but ReLeaf.  They are San Diego’s hidden gem by the sea.  Jennifer Searle, Publicist (Hollywood, CA / Hometown-Cardiff by the Sea)